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Custom Protein Expression

Our complete expression service offers a full range of high efficiency platforms including bacterial, insect and mammalian cell lines. Modular prising for initial Phase I small scale expression testing, Phase II scale-up and purification, protein labelling (15N, Selenium & Iodine incorporation) and Biomolecular Analysis.

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Phase Time scale (weeks) Description
I: Gene synthesis & preparation of target vector 3 Synthesis of protein of interest and cloning into appropriate vector
Choice of purification tag (His-tag/GST-tag) and cleavage site (SUMO,TEV/3C etc.)
Transformation of vector into appropriate host cell type
IIa: Small scale expression 2-3 Small scale (50ml) expression
Optimisation of growth/expression parameters followed by analysis of protein expression by SDS-PAGE, WB etc.
IIb: Medium scale expression 2-3 1 step affinity purification (His-tag/GST-tag) and tag removal (if required)
Analysis of protein purity by SDS-PAGE and WB
III: Large scale expression 6 1L scale expression and purification
Typical yield of 1-5mg of purified protein
Further scale will be required to meet your demand