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Full gene design and cloning service from accession number to clone. We will design, amplify and clone into your desired vector of choice from cDNA library, image clone or synthetic DNA (all constructions are fully verified by DNA sequencing).

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Antibody production

Complete customised antibody development service for polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies from antigen production all the way through to high quality affinity purification. With highly competitive pricing and reliable delivery times, our custom schedule offers a choice of synthesised peptide or protein antigen immunization, ELISA screening throughout, scale up, and final affinity purification. Additional services including EPITOPE design, additional screening, and western blotting analysis are available upon request.

Protein expression

Our complete expression service offers a full range of high efficiency platforms including bacterial, insect and mammalian cell lines. Modular prising for initial Phase I small scale expression testing, Phase II scale-up and purification, protein labelling (15N, Selenium & Iodine incorporation) and Biomolecular Analysis.

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Column packing

We offer comprehensive fast and reliable HiFlIQ lab column packing services at super competitive prices and with high degrees of flexibility. Our column packing service is designed for any third-party resins.

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