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Grid-boxes & Grid-box Storage

Efficient, Traceable Storage and Shipping for Cryo-EM Grids

Our storage system allows you to easily track your grid-boxes for storage and shipping. Each grid-box is uniquely located by chamber number and puck identifier. Researchers and microscope users can quickly and reliably identify samples of interest – even where the grid-maker and electron microscope user are in different countries – or continents!

The pucks are 67 mm in diameter and compatible with canisters of this width. The shelved storage is compatible with Taylor-Wharton HC35 dewars. Pucks can be shipped in CX100 dewars using UniPuck shipping canisters. They are fully compatible with Uni-puck canisters, accessories and tools.

Each puck carries a unique serial number, which can be customised on request and each gridbox chamber in the puck is individually numbered. A semi-transparent rotating perspex lid allows access to a single grid-box at a time, while holding the remainder securely in the puck. There is no access to any chamber when the lid is oriented ready for placing in storage or shipping canisters.

On the left are the pucks in a Uni-puck 7-shelved storage canister (1 in picture; MD7-611), with a locking pin (2 in picture) that secures all the pucks in the canister both while in the dewar and during transfer. The pucks may be easily manipulated with our angled cryo-tongs (3 in picture; MD7-604). Cryo-EM puck-specific shelved storage and shipping canisters will be available shortly with more shelves (due to decreased depth of the cryo-EM puck compared to a Uni-puck)

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Catalogue number Description UOM
MD16-300 HC-20 Shelved Storage Canister 1 canister
MD16-200 HC-34 Shelved Storage Canister 1 canister
MD16-100/102/103 Cryo-EM grid-box storage puck 1/5/10 pucks
MD7-604 Angled Cryo-Tongs 1
MD7-611 Uni-Puck HC35 Storage Canister 1